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Maison Trestler

Situated in an enchanting setting, this former residence/general store, built in 1798, will reveal to you many secrets. During the visit, you can get acquainted with the various moments of the Trestlers' and their progenies' lives (safes, hiding places and many more secrets await). You may also visit our art galleries.

Built at the end of the 18th century, over the years the preservation of La Maison Trestler has been made possible by the creation, in 1977, of the Fondation de la Maison Trestler, which oversees its conservation by organizing cultural activities including: summer music concerts, benefit concerts, art exhibitions, guided tours and several other cultural activities, not to mention the rental of its facilities, all of which contribute to the survival of this heritage gem

Every year we open our doors to music lovers, visual art enthusiasts, as well as history and architecture buffs.


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