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The Richelieu Salon

Adorned with the authentic Auberge des Gallant charm, the Richelieu is a cozy salon, perfect for small groups. Its large windows let in ample sunlight, creating the perfect setting for a small get-together of 15 to 28 persons.

Celebrate your love with a small, intimate wedding in the cozy Richelieu room. Adding small personal touches goes a long way in transforming this beautiful victorian inspired room, into the wedding salon of your dreams.

Take advantage of the brightly lit Richelieu salon for small business meetings, break out room, private lunch or brunch. It’s quiet and cozy is the perfect setting to allow productivity to flourish.

corporate Layout

Recommended Events

  • English tea
  • Family & Friends Gatherings
  • Mariage
  • Business mettings

Room specifications

  • Capacity of 15 to 30 people
  • Size 20' x 20'
  • Electric Fireplace
  • TV
  • Projection screen
  • Access to outdoor gardens
  • Daylight
All of our facilities are accessible
Pets are welcome