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Vignoble Côte de Vaudreuil

Côte Vaudreuil Vineyard commenced officially its operation in 2006
while 5,000 vines had been planted between 2000 and 2002. Serge Primi and Christiane St-Onge acquired this estate since they were astonished by the beauty of the site. Many friends volunteered to go along with their passion and, accordingly, the vineyard grew up with now 20,000 vines.

Located within few steps from Montreal, at the convergence of highways 20,30 and 40, the Vaudreuil region benefits of a climate comparable to that of the Niagara region as regards to growing degree days. This location allows to obtain grapes perfectly mature, just on time for the harvest which lasts from mid-September to the beginning of October. In order to face the cold temperature of winter, the vines planted at the vineyard were mostly developed by University of Minnesota and are resistant down to minus 30 C to minus 35 C.


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