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The FPAQ Maple Festival: A British High Tea with Maple Flair

The Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers (FPAQ) held their annual Maple Festival in Montreal at the St. James Theatre on February 7, 2017, to launch the maple syrup season and celebrate the remarkable export success of Quebec maple products to the United Kingdom. Quebec exported 4.73 million pounds of maple products to the United Kingdom in 2015, and more than 12,300 UK stores sell maple products,
including Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury’s.

In keeping with the event’s British theme, two British Guards were posted at the entrance of the theatre as the guests from the media arrived.

Maple-flavoured appetizers including quail eggs and savory macarons were served with cocktails such as the popular British Primm’s Cup before guests entered the dining hall. There, the beautiful table settings were decorated with fresh flowers, glass dinnerware and candles, setting the tone of the evening.

British High Tea Revisited

British chef Nathan Eades of the Michelin-starred restaurant Simpsons in Birmingham, England, discovered maple products when he came to work in Canada. He accepted the challenge of transforming the traditional British high tea by creating a superb maple-inspired gourmet menu.

Maple Festival Royal Feast Menu

First Course

Photo Credit:  Maple Products from Quebec

Maple-Smoked Organic Wild Salmon, Cucumber and Herring Caviar in a Horseradish-Maple Emulsion
A modern take on two classic British High Tea ingredients: salmon and cucumber

Second Course

Photo Credit:  Maple Products from Quebec

Soup and a Sandwich … with a Hint of Maple

Coronation Chicken served on a crispy rye cracker, dressed with curry cream and mushroom ketchup, served alongside a chicken broth with julienned mushrooms marinated in maple vinegar.

 This sandwich was originally created for the Queen’s coronation banquet in 1953, in recognition of the United Kingdom’s close ties with India.

Third Course

Photo Credit:  Maple Products from Quebec

Sunday Roast with Flavours of Maple

Loin of Boileau Red Deer redolent with aromas of maple, accompanied by game-stuffed cabbage, layered celery root, and maple-cranberry chutney

Britain’s Sunday staple:  the traditional roast with an array of side dishes that rival our holiday feasts.

Fourth Course

Photo Credit:  Maple Products from Quebec


Charlotte with Whisky and Candied Fruit, Maple Butter Caramel

Maple Walnut Tea

This quintessential dessert takes its name from Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III.

Dessert was prepared by Maple Master Yves Lévesque, head pastry chef and owner of Dansereau Traiteur who worked side by side with Chef Eades in preparing the meal.

Wines: White wine, Orpailleur Reserve 2015; Red wine, Yalumba Shiraz Biologique 2015
Water: NAPSI Pure certified maple water

Royal Academy of Arts

The prestigious Royal Academy of Arts (RACA) accepted the FPAQ as an associate member. It’s the first international organization to hold such a position. The RACA is Britain’s leading professional association of chefs, pastry chefs, restaurant managers and quality suppliers.

In spring 2016, the FPAQ sponsored the RACA Annual Award of Excellence, the most prestigious award available to young professionals in the hospitality industry, which was held in London. It was through this sponsorship that the three winners were able to attend the 2017 Maple Festival.

The FPAQ also partnered for the first time with a university, University College Birmingham, one of Britain’s largest culinary schools. Maple Products from Quebec is one of the programs available to students where they learn to create maple-based recipes.

Quebec Maple Partners

The maple season is also celebrated by the FPAQ’s 100 Maple Masters who use their culinary talents to create maple recipes for people in all of Quebec’s regions. Visit the Maple Masters website for a list organized by regions where these talented chefs create maple recipes for everyone to enjoy.

For more information on the production and distribution of maple products, please visit the FPAQ website.

Permission to use the photos was granted by the Federation of Quebec Maple Producers.

Texte by: Liliana Tommasini


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