When you think of weddings, the first thing that comes to mind is often not a landscape covered with snow. And yet it is a choice that has its share of advantages!

Here are our 5 good reasons to get married in winter

  • The magical atmosphere

The romantic “cocooning” atmosphere that winter gives to the Inn is the perfect season to celebrate a wedding. A warm, light atmosphere and breathtaking scenery! Moreover, the winter light is softer and allows you to take pictures with a unique rendering, all on a carpet of snow.

  • Guaranteed savings

Of course, getting married in the low season saves money! Not only on the room rental and meal packages, but also on the supplier side. Ask to see our winter packages, it will be our pleasure to present them to you.

  • Suppliers and date

Winter being a less busy season for weddings, it allows you to find suppliers more easily and much more availability is available to you. Whether it’s the florist, the DJ or the baker, they will all have more time to spend with you!

  • Availability of guests

Winter is a quieter time for many, which means guests are usually more available. Plus, since you’ll probably be their only wedding of the season, it will be all the more special for everyone, unlike the summer when some people are overwhelmed with events and celebrations.


  • Less stress and unique

No matter if it’s rainy or sunny, the wedding will take place indoors!
The weather becomes one less stressor in the equation for this important day, allowing you to be more relaxed and enjoy it more. Moreover, a winter wedding is all the more unique, it will make you stand out from the crowd. Originality guaranteed!
Each season has its own advantages for a wedding, just take advantage of the beautiful seasons that Quebec has to offer. Winter is a less busy time of year, but just as, if not more, enchanting for getting married.

Cover photo: Andréanne Thériault